PS-MILD (low glare high bay)

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Redefine Anti-Glaring

Excellent heat dissipation

A grey PS-MILD Led Light whit a black hanging module and two led sections on a transparent background

Advanced UGR Technology

Europe Design Patent

Simple Installation

With ceiling installation accesory equipped with mains lead, the two suspension points at the ceiling could be combined to to One-Point installation. This saves time and cost for installation. And even vibrations and air movements are no longer able to twist it. 

Excellent heat dissipation

In order to simulate that under dusty working environment for 5 years time, the whole fixture was fulfilled with dust. Then the temperature of LED and Driver Tc increase 2 degrees only. 

A PS-MILD led light full of dust on the exterior parts in a warehouse to prove that this type of light is resistant to a dusty working environment and still has an excellent heat dissipation
Two dark green warehouses whit white garage doors and yellow lights on a white background, represent the difference between PS-GROW light and other lights, PS-MILD doesn't have a glaring light in comparison whit other lights

Redefine anti-glaring

Anti-glaring light is required more and more for applications where people doesn’t feel comfortable with the glaring light, especially when the light were not very high. PS-MILD is the ideal solution for visual protection. This increases the performance of staff and the quality of their work.

Advanced UGR tehnology

The Optics was specially developed to minimize glare and maximize homogeneity. With an antigalring film on the lens and a shield in front, we managed to achieve UGR<19

In a warehouse whit white walls and brown boxes we see two different types of lights, one is the PS-MILD whit UGR<21 anti-glaring features, and the other light has UGR>27 glaring. The glaring level needs to be low as possible
A grey PS-MILD led light whit two led sections and a black hanging module on a white background


  • Housing: Pure Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity: 226 W/m·K
  • Led: CREE JK 3030
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • SDCM: <6
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • THD: <15
  • Driver: Osram
  • Driver Efficiency: >93%
  • Protection: OTP, OCP, OVP, SCP
  • Surge Protection: 10KV
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Impact Test: IK10
  • Electrical: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -40~50
  • Tm21: L90B10>50,000H
  • Lifetime: 50,000H



Why choose us

a white sun on a blue background which represent energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency 

white lighting on a blue background which represents an energy saving

Energy Saving

a white invoice on a blue background which represents the five years guarantee which comes with the product

5 Years Warranty

A warehouse whit white walls and brown shelves on which are placed brown boxes. In the first picture is illuminated whit regular lights and the quality of lighting is a poor one, in the second one is illuminated with PS-MILD led light, the work environment and quality of lights is significantly better.

Why chose PS-MILD over other lights?

Our lights are one of the most efficient and energy-friendly on the market. Our days an important aspect of any business is the fact that efficiency must be combined with quality. We provide exactly this benefit for our clients. Our led lights are efficient and energy-friendly with a longer lifetime but at the same time provide a high-quality illumination.

A basket arena whit brown parquet a white basketball basket with blue walls and is illuminated whit PS-MILD led lights.