Polaris Light - Your trustworthy partner in LED light systems

Polaris Light develops, produces and markets professional lighting solutions with a strong focus on energy savings i.e. high Lumen/Watt. We custom build each fitting specifically to each project, in order to ensure that we provide the optimal solutions every time. Our High bays feature up to a staggering 180 Lm/watt, which provides 70% more light per watt used than competing led high bays.

Our industrial led lights feature the highest spec components available from Japan, EU and Taiwan:

● LED chips from Nichia, CREE and Phillips, which are the three leading supplier of LED chips in the world.

● Top quality drivers from Meanwell (Taiwan) or Phillips (EU), which both have warranties of 5 years.

These are the best quality components available which ensures that you receive the most durable led lights on the market. The company has its own Quality Assurance team and all of our luminaires are age tested for 48 hours and feature 5 year warranty.

We provide led lights for a selected group of high quality electrical installers and cover all bases:

● Dialux models (48 hrs turnaround time)

● Custom built led fittings

● Energy reports (48 hrs turnaround time)

● Financing of projects (5 days turnaround time)

Let us know how we can assist you !