PS-GROW ( Specialized for Vertical Farming )

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Timing function

Temperature Sensor detection

Humidity Sensor detection

App smart control

Full Spectrum - Perfect choice for Vertical Farming

Our PS-GROW series grow light is designed for indoor and greenhouse cultivation, and vertical farming. The lights can be used for all phases of growth as they are dimmable, programmable, and individually controllable. It effectively supports photosynthesis while offering dynamic spectrum control where specific spectral ratios can be created to direct plant growth and promote healthy plant development.

A PS-Grow with eight led rows above four green plants in the brown ground which are in different growing processes to represent the help of Ps-grow in the growing processes.
three green leaves with a yellow sun on a white background represent the photosynthesis process of a plan with the help of light

Light is esential for plant growth

Natural sunlight is the cheapest source available, but for horticulture it is not always attainable in sufficient quantities. The use of artificial light has become very common to increase production and quality. All plants, including those flowering, fruiting, and vegetable plants, are strongly influenced by the particular spectrum of light they receive.

Farmers have relied on sunlight for years to deliver the perfect recipe. However, today's lighting technology can provide what plants need most without help from mother nature, especially in vertical farming facilities where natural lights are hard to get.

The beneftis of LED light ilumination

LED lighting can significantly increase crop production efficiency through lighting control. LED grow lighting systems are well-suited to provide the most appropriate light for each phase of growth and type of plant, from seedling to flowering to fruiting.

LED lighting provides optimal levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)-the photons that promote growth and yield without wasting energy to produce photons not efficiently used by the plant. The optimum spectrum for plants includes wavelengths of light in the blue and red regions of the spectrum.

A PS-GROW led light with black margins and eight white led rows on a white background, under that is a representation with seven green plants on yellow background which represent the seven growing phases from sed to fully grown plant
Three green plants of different sizes on a brown ground and with white background brown ground and with white background

A typical application example for the use of 730nm

The shade escape reaction

One of the most obvious influences of far-red light on a plant is the shade escape reaction.

llumination with 660nm: 

If the plant is illuminated mainly with 660nm it feels like illuminated in the direct sun and grows normally

lllumination with 730nm:

 If the plant is illuminated mainly with 730nm, it feels like growing in the shadow of another plant that shades the sunlight. Therefore the plant is reacting with an increased length of growth to escape the shadow. This leads to taller plants but not necessarily to more biomass.


ModelWattVoltageEffi. PPF IPDimension
PG640FE 640W100~277V2.7 umol/s/w  1728 umol/s IP54 1110*1098*80
PG720FE 720W100~277V2.7 umol/s/w  1944 umol/sIP54 1110*1098*80
PG960FE960W100~277V2.7 umol/s/w  2592 umol/sIP54 1110*1098*80

Why choose us

a white sun on a blue background which represent energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency 

white lighting on a blue background which represents an energy saving

Energy Saving

a white invoice on a blue background which represents the five years guarantee which comes with the product

5 Years Warranty

Control your growing season

More Light

Add more daytime light, boosting existing light levels and increasing growth and yield.

Longer Light

Extend the growth cycle. Switch on at dusk for non-daylight illumination. Utilize all winter long.

Controlled light

Substitute as a complete lighting solution for indoor grow rooms and biological research facilities.

a PS-GROW with eight white led rows and metallic margins on a green background, on the left side are three brown boxes with different vegetables and fruits like (carrot, broccoli, raspberry, and lemon)

HPS Lighting

In high-pressure sodium (HPS) light cultivations, flower development may be related to the temperature of the canopy, as well as other factors. We generally see top-heavy flower development within the canopy usually to a depth of 24-36" lately boosting yields and saving electricity.

An older HPS light which has grey color on a white background and under that a green plant in brown earth

Difference Between LED and HPS

HPS lights were once the most efficient, longest-lasting solution. Now LED is the newest generation of lighting technology in the horticultural field. It achieves the same horticultural lighting requirements with much higher efficiency and additional functionality. LEDs have advanced to produce 50% less electricity, release much less heat, are more stable over time and are not hazardous to the environment.

Two green plants whit white roots from two different lighting sources (HPS Light and LED GROW Lights) the one whit LED-GROW is significantly bigger than the other one

LED Lighting

With our LED fixtures, this floral morphology becomes less distinctly "top-heavy", as flowers develop more evenly across the vertical crop profile, creating the opportunity for greater total yield. Flowers grown under the LEDs see less variance in plant structure with up to 3feet of consistent development compared to 24-36" seen with HPS.

A PS-GROW led light whit black margins and eight led rows hanging above a green plant in the brown ground, on a white background


  • Housing: Pure Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity: 226 W/m·K
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum
  • CRI: Ra>90
  • Efficacy: 2.7umol/j
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • THD: <15
  • Driver: Sosen
  • Driver Efficiency: >93%
  • Protection: OTP, OCP, OVP, SCP
  • Surge Protection: 10KV
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Impact Test: IK10
  • Electrical: 100-277V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -40~50
  • TM21: L90B10>50,000H 
  • Lifetime: 50,000H
A PS-GROW led light whit black margins and eight led rows above a representation on a graphic of the power and heat of this type of light.

Designed to meet the needs of many applications

A picture whit the places in which can be used the PS-GROW light (these are: Urban Farmin, Propagation, Floriculture, AgroTech, Olericulture, Indoor Hobby Gardening, Hydroculture, and Green Walls)