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A light-gray PS-Corrosion led light with a metalic head on a white background and some text which explain the use of the components

PS-CORROSION Description

  • IP67 protection rating
  • Meanwell driver
  • Phillips led chips
  • Optional motionsensor
  • Optional daylight sensor
  • Optional Zigbee control
  • 2700-6500 kelvin

PS-CORROSION Specifications

Input Voltage: 
LED Specification: 
Operating Temperature: 
Smart Control Options: 
10V/DALI/Photocell/ DMX512

Luminous Eff.:                   
145 lmw
LED Driver:
88% efficiency, flicker free,THD<10
LED Driver Output:
Non-Dimmable or Dimmable or Emergency
Powder coated

a schema descripion about the installation methodes and the serial/linkable connection of two ore more ps-corrosions
Led illuminated chicken farm, a big bay with many white chickens.

Corrosion Proof

Light is an important aspect of any animal's environment. Studies have shown an increase in growth and reproductive performance due to light exposure. The modern farm lighting system should attempt to mimic the sun's spectrum, however many poultry producers still utilize old residential and commercial incandescent lamps in their barns.

The problem with this is that incandescent bulbs don't do a good job of replicating sunlight. LEDs are the most efficient and environmentally friendly of the agricultural lighting options, producing a continuous white light spectrum, unlike any other artificial light source by combining a blue LED with red and green phosphors.

IP69K Protection

IP69K is the highest level of this protection and is designed for applications where water jets are under high pressure and high temperature are used for specific wash-downs.

A black Mercedes-Benz truck is washed with high-pressure water in a led illuminated truck washer facility

Quality Guaranteed 

Our three main guarantees (Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving and 5 years Warranty). These are on a white background with blue icons and blue text


the representation of the beam angle of ps-corrosion, a gray representation with yellow arrows which represent the beam angle of the light

PMMA Housing

The heigh and width representation of ps-corrosion with some schema

Above lumen efficacy is for CRI 80ra with frosted diffuser, then 10% increased up with clear strip diffuser. If with higher CRI 90 or CRI 95, then the lumen efficacy will be decreased by 10%

Due to the risk of corrosion by contact with the alkaline environments created in the humid atmosphere, PMMA material housing and stainless steel end cap are used to provide better corrosion proofs, waterproofs and lifetime.


PS-CORROSION20 W145 lmw2200~2400L600*φ80mm
PS-CORROSION36 W145 lmw3900~4320L1200*φ80mm
PS-CORROSION50 W145 lmw5500~6000L1500*φ80mm
A representation of ps-corrosion in a chicken farm and under that a blog description part about this product
Some useful informations about ps-corrosion represented in three pictures
Ps-corrosion represented from two different parts with the metalic head and linkable feature of this product talking about the instalation steps and how easy is it on. Two of the pictures are on a light grey background and one on a green background.