Why is the driver the most important part in led lights

We are often asked why we focus so much on our use of high quality drivers for our led lights. The short answer is that it is the led driver that is the main reason for the life-time of the light. Sure, there are other parameters like quality of the led chips, the housings heat dissipation and the amount of hours the fitting is used every day. Most of the times, these secondary parameters will only reduce the fittings efficiency, whereas the drivers malfunction will make it stop working immediately.

PS-Batten picture with a white background

We recently visited a building used for Wedding functions which had been built 3 months earlier. The owner had chosen to go 100% led all over and the place looked fantastic. Unfortunately some of the lights could not be turned on and we were asked to replace them all with new led lights. After investigating the issue we discovered that despite installing very high quality led lights, the previous light company had chosen to save cost by supplying cheap Led Drivers, which had failed already after 3 months….. In this case we offered to supply our top of the range Meanwell led driver and the problem was solved immediately.

 Polaris light provides high quality drivers from Meanwell (Taiwan) in ALL our high bays, which assures that the lights will work way past our 5 year warranty.

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White PS-Batten picture with a black cable and also white background
White PS-Batten picture with a black cable and also white background