Why ALL food manufacturers should upgrade to LED Lights in 2022

Keeping a food processing plant clean enough is hard and routines must be followed consistently. Most food companies have loads of procedures to keep the site clean and bacteria free, which includes special clothing and loads of cleaning. However these procedures are all in vain if the people responsible cannot see the areas they should keep clean.

Earlier this year we were requested to upgrade the lights in the production are a of one of the largest drinks companies in the world. They specifically requested 700 lux, which is normally only required by Aerospace companies. The reason behind was that in the present 150 lux, their cleaning team was not able to properly identify areas requiring further cleaning and hence they kept failing the spot checks from HQ and external surveyors.

We installed 109 of our PS-UFO-MAX (200w) High bays with 32,000 lumen output which increased the lux levels way beyond the required 700 lux. In the past 2 month since the installation the site has passed every single cleanliness survey and received outstanding praises from HQ who would like to expand the LED lights to other areas.

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Some of the best LED Light for the Food Manufactures industry

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