Which lux levels are recommended for my property?

A yellow light measure light meter which measuring the lux power

What is a lux level? Lux levels are the amount of light per m2 and can be measured by a lux meter. There are general guidelines depending on the use of premise, but to give you an idea here's how it compares with sunlight:

 To put lux levels in perspective we will start by comparing the levels to sunlight:

  • Full Daylight = 10,000
  • Overcast Day = 1,075
  • Very Dark Day = 107

Below are the recommended lux levels for most the most popular areas (more detailed list at the bottom of this post):

  • Parking lots = 50 lux
  • Warehouse = 150 lux
  • General areas = 200 lux
  • Small item stores = 200 lux
  • Packing & dispatch = 300 lux
  • Industrial work shop = 300-500 lux
  • Computer work stations = 300-500 lux
  • Supermarkets = 750
  • Detailed Mechanical Workshops = 1000

To measure the Lux Levels you will need a lux meter. The lux meter is a device used to measure the amount of light intensity in an area. The easiest way to use it would be by holding one meter above ground and being mindful not to stand under any lights because they can throw off your readings. It's important that you take measurements at different levels so as not only get accurate, but also realistic reading on how much or little lighting should be present for any given space!

A yellow light measure light meter

Before undertaking any project we offer to make a Dialux 3-D simulation to calculate which lux levels our light fittings will provide in any environment. Based on this calculation we can make changes to the beam angle or power of the led fitting to reach the required levels. Below is an example from a recent warehouse project reaching 200-300 lux across the space.

This project was done with our brand new PS-UFO-MAX high bays featuring 140 lm/watt and 5 year warranty. The results were fantastic and we reached 550 on floor level, which is double of the recommended light levels. However when the racks and products are installed, then there will be more shadow effects and less light reflecting from the white walls and the lux levels be lowered to around 300 lux as per our Dialux simulation.

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