A LED light bulb in wich can see the natural energy power.

The ONLY correct sequence for Environmental projects

We often visit large Industrial companies who are planning a full environmental upgrade, which is the only long term sustainable way forward. ALL large industrial companies will over the next 10 years have to implement following technologies to stay competive:

– Led Lights
 Save upto 80% energy with 1-2 years pay-back

– Insulation
 Avoid approximately 75% of current heat loss

– Skylights
Reduce light usage by 50%

– Solar Panels
 up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs.

– Battery Storage
maximise the amount of power you get from your solar panel installation and reduce your reliance on the grid.

– HVAC system
The use of high performance HVAC equipment can result in considerable energy, emissions, and cost savings (10%–40%)

Most companies are choosing the correct project types and the best suppliers, but often get the sequence wrong, which massively impacts the outcome. The correct sequence is determined by the Pay-back time (ROI) and how much the projects affect each other. As an example, it would be wrong to install solar panels and battery storage sized for the building’s initial consumption and then afterwards reduce energy consumption massively by installing LED light and hence ending up with an oversized Solar Power System. Similarly, it would be wrong to upgrade the ventilation system before the LED lights, insulation and Skylights as all three will impact the ventilation requirements massively.

Below sequence is the ONLY correct way to upgrade your industrial site:

  • Insulation & Skylights
  • Led Lights
  • Ventilation system
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Storage (wait a few years)

If you follow this sequence, and have a break between each project for data collection, then you will end up with all projects being correctly sized and optimised.

Some of the best LED light in a collection