A picture with some led lights bulb on gras what talking about the energy saving of these type of lights

Government Grant for Led Lights

Got less than £42M in turnover? – then your company probably qualify for a Government Grant! ? This month we just assisted another three SME companies to secure £10,000 Grant funding for their LED Light projects. We can assist your company as well ?

99% of UK Businesses have less than £42m in turnover and will qualify for £5-£25,000 government grant. These Grants are limited and will expire early 2022, so let’s get your application in ASAP ?

We have 2 people helping with the paperwork so if your company qualifies, then all you need to do is verify the information and send in the application.

LED Lighting Efficiency

More and more factories, warehouses, and other production facilities chose LED lighting, which greatly improves working conditions. In addition, the can play an important for security, for example, help quick evacuation in case of an accident, etc

Feel the difference of before and after we install LED lights. Where would you rather work?